Made in one week for Weekly Game Jam 203 with theme "Eat the Enemy".

It has since received numerous improvements.

How to Play

Eat humans to grow a ghoul horde, making sure not to hit the walls.

Try for a personal best.


There are several ways to play the game:

Move left: LEFT ARROW KEY / A KEY / H KEY / Analogue stick left

Move right: RIGHT ARROW KEY / D KEY / L KEY / Analogue stick right

Move up: UP ARROW KEY / W KEY / K KEY / Analogue stick up

Move down: DOWN ARROW KEY / S KEY / J KEY / Analogue stick down

With the downloaded version of the game, enter or exit full screen with: LEFT CTRL + F / LEFT ALT + F / LEFT CMD + F





ghoul-must-eat-win64.zip 21 MB
Version v1.07 May 02, 2023

Development log


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Hey, addressing the "movement reversing" bug, I'm pretty sure this happens because you're subtracting 1 from his speed every time you eat a person. To fix this, you could subtract half (or a quarter, or a third, etc.) of his current speed each time you eat.

Highscore of 41 boi

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Thanks and yeah I think that'll do it.  I'm doing a lazily written division on the movement speed after every eat, but eventually that number becomes close to zero then negative.

I haven't looked at the source since releasing, but will do in the off time after "downhill" has wrapped.

Edit: Fixed!


It is good but when you you get too big you stop moving otherwise the best game I have ever played


nice one