An experimental 3D platformer designed and developed in 16 weeks as part of a gameplay programming bootcamp with Mastered.

Controls - Gamepad

This game was designed with game controllers in mind and as such controls are shown after the game's start. Press A/CROSS (SOUTH) on the start screen to start the game, then follow the instructions given. You can access this map in gameplay by pressing START.

Controls - Mouse & Keyboard

Use your WASD keys in combination with the mouse to move around and look at targets.

To walk instead of running by default, hold SHIFT whilst moving.

Click LEFT / RIGHT on your mouse to fire projectiles.

To jump, press SPACE.

When you receive a story notification, press J to open the journal. You can page through the journal with the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. Press J again to close it.

You can pause/un-pause the game by pressing P.

If you so choose, you can toggle the HUD by pressing J.


This project uses the following assets:


Download 54 MB
Version v0.4 Mar 26, 2023
Download 138 MB
Version v0.4 Mar 26, 2023
Download 81 MB
Version v0.4 Mar 26, 2023

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