Made in one week for Weekly Game Jam 204 - "Downhill".

You are a GMJM coin enthusiast. With the market on a general downward trend, the value of your single coin is dipping fast!

Hold on, meme your ass off and share in the good vibes.

Note: this game is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. Don't invest in anything based on what you experience here. This is just an exploration of the experience of a bad day in crypto.

How to Play

Press SPACE to start. Then, click stuff!

There are five possible outcomes, each requiring a different strategy. 

See how many of the outcomes you can achieve!


Special Thanks

Thanks to @QuietBenchZen for pointing me in the right direction regarding Canvas Scaler and also for recommending the Kenney Fonts set.

Thanks also to everyone generally who played, rated or commented on the previous jam submission. I learned a lot!


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Version v1.0.9 May 07, 2023

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